Bewilderment is the second chapter of The House of the Dead III.


In a flashback of Dr. Roy Curien and his son, Roy gives his son "the key to removing the barrier between life and death". Roy assures his son that he won't have to fear even death anymore.

EFI Genome Ward/D.B.R. InstituteEdit

Upon reaching the Ward, Lisa Rogan asked G "What happened to the world?" G responds with the 1998 Curien Mansion Case is mind, the project being a threat to humanity itself, which he and her father put a stop to.

They fight off mutants along the way and reach the center of the Ward, where they are greeted with mutant corpses as the gates close, trapping them inside. They are then greeted with a mutant sloth, codenamed the Fool, whom they would eventually defeat, as the Fool falls to its death.

Lisa sarcastically mocks the Fool, "Had enough yet?", before leaving for the elevator. She then wonders if her father and G put a stop to Curien's plans as the elevator closes. G then responds that there may be someone planning to continue his legacy.

L2 Bio Plant/L3 Bio LabEdit

Upon reaching the Bio Lab (or Bio Plant), G asks Lisa Rogan if she is getting along with her father. Lisa believes that his father puts work ahead of his family and she barely has any moments of him spending time with her and her mother. G remarks this as harsh, as Lisa replies "What do you expect?" because he always makes the family worry, giving Lisa a desire to "slap him upside the head, for Mom".

They then fight off mutants along the way, even being greeted by mutant plant tentacles. Lisa remarks that the facility is more of a jungle (Bio Lab) or the inside of a giant plant (Bio Plant) than a laboratory, as they continue fighting mutants along the way, before meeting up with the source of the tentacles, a mutant tree codenamed The Sun.

They manage to defeat the Sun as they escape from the facility, with Lisa remarking sarcastically that she "never was any good at gardening". They then find a door blocked by tree barks, and as G shoots the barks, the door opens as they make their escape through the other side of the facility in one piece.

G asks Lisa if she is worried about her father, which she brings to mind one quote he once said: "Believe in yourself". Lisa remarks that he keeps saying the same thing over and over and she's fed up with it.

Information Systems Department WEST/EAST WingEdit

Upon reaching the Information Systems Department, Lisa Rogan exits the elevator and, despite G's deterrence, runs into laser security systems as the building closes all shutters to stop "unauthorized personnel" from proceeding. Death returns and manages to halt one of the doors from closing.

Death's pursuit of Lisa and G continues as they fend off mutants along their way out and they end up on the other side of the Department, finally defeating Death as they reach the elevator.

Lisa eventually apologizes to G for being stubborn, saying that she should have reacted faster, to which he tells her to "not sweat it".

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