Bourbon is a zombie appearing in The House of the Dead. Similar to Kageo, he is a skeletal being that appears in the first and third stages.

Bestiary Overview Edit

Bourbon is a shirtless zombie with pale white eyes and face, frizzled black hair, and a bloody jaw. The rest of his body is greener in flesh tone and wrapped in seaweed. He is barefooted and wears tattered dark pants and a belt.

Offense Edit

Like Kageo, Bourbon appears infrequently; he resides in the Curien Mansion's underground sewers during the first stage, only appearing regardless of the player's path in the third stage. Unlike his predecessor, however, Bourbon has higher health and faster movement. He also tends to appear without warning, usually in the middle of attacking.

Bourbon dies in two headshots. Memorizing where he appears can increase the likelihood of avoiding damage.
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