Type-27, codenamed "The Chariot" (チャリオット), is an armored, bardiche-wielding behemoth. It is the first boss in The House of the Dead, and later returns in House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.

Originally created by Dr. Roy Curien, the Chariot is impervious to gunfire, but can be damaged by an exposed part of its breastplate; when weakened, the armor breaks off to reveal raw flesh susceptible to bullets. Eight years after Curien's death, an improved version of the Chariot appeared at a dinner service in Scarecrow Mansion.

Bestiary Overview Edit

In both appearances, the Chariot is a hulking, gas-masked humanoid clad in a suit of metallic armor. It maims opponents with a bloodied bardiche.

In the original House of the Dead, Chariot's weak point is the exposed right side of its breastplate; with each shot, it vomits green fluids. At low heath, the Chariot sheds the armor to reveal its true form: a slow-moving, weak, rotting humanoid with pulsating tendrils. Chunks of its flesh may be blasted down to bone, thus killing the Chariot.

In Scarlet Dawn, the Chariot is larger and sports coolant metal armor. His skin glows red and emits steam. When the battle begins, the Chariot's exposed joints are its weak points. The players eventually gain an RPG; the rocket strips the armor on whatever part of the Chariot's body it hits, and this becomes the creature's weakpoint until it is killed.

Appearances Edit

The House of the Dead Edit

On December 18th, 1998, when Curien unleashed his creations upon fellow researchers, AMS agents Thomas Rogan and "G" stormed Curien's mansion. They found Rogan's fianceé, Sophie, who was flown away by Hangedman; when the agents later found Sophie inside, the Chariot dropped through a ceiling window and seemingly killed her. The agents defeated the creature, with Rogan swearing revenge.

The Chariot was later encountered (and defeated) again in Curien's underground laboratory.

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn Edit

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On December 6, 2006, Thornheart -- affiliated with Curien's research financier, the DBR Corporation -- resurrected the Chariot to roam the ground floor and prison of Scarecrow Mansion. This was part of "Noah's Ark", Thornheart's effort to decimate humanity in a completion of Curien and Caleb Goldman's legacy.

The Chariot first appears in the prologue chapter, hurling zombies at agents Kate Green and Ryan Taylor. While fighting in the mansion's prison and research room, Kate and Ryan damaged the Chariot with RPGs, destroying sections of its armor. Upon defeat, the Chariot shedded its armor and fell to the ground; its bardiche fell upon its neck.


  • In the prototype arcade build for The House of the Dead, the Chariot was named "Bacchus".
  • The Chariot appears in a montage sequence during the intro of The House of the Dead III.
  • The Chariot is the only boss from the first game missing from The House of the Dead 2's flashback intro on console ports.
  • Whenever the Chariot's armor is shed in The House of the Dead, its flesh has been shown as either a green or red color depending on which version of the game being playing. According to fans (citation needed), the later versions introduced the green skin, because the red-skinned Chariot was thought to resemble a "normal zombie" too much.
  • The Chariot is the only boss where Kate’s PDA identifies its weak points as being protected, notably because its entire body is completely encased in armor.
  • During the Chariot's second encounter in The House of the Dead, there is a glitch if the player shoots its weak point midair before the battle begins. The Chariot will take the hit, then walk above the player and endlessly behind them. This will soft lock the game, requiring a restart.


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