Coco and Sindy are the prostitutes that work in the same club as Varla Guns and Candi Stryper. They're known to have spent some time with Isaac Washington. They ended up being horribly mutated and are fought as bosses in the Extended Cut of The House of the Dead: Overkill for PS3.

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It is unknown how they are both mutated. Somehow, they share similarities to Judgment from HOTD2, Lovers from HOTD4 and Nigel and Sebastian from Overkill, having a bonding relationship. It is unclear how Coco and Sindy became like these mutants. Coco has become an ugly creature but with athletic skills that allow her to dodge bullets. Sindy has turned into a large pound of rotten flesh.


Coco and Sindy are first seen in the comic book, Prelude to an Overkill, where they are still attractive strippers. Coco and Sindy wait for detective Isaac Washington, where they have some fun. The two strippers are encountered by Candi Stryper and Varla Guns during their battle through the strip bar. Coco and Sindy left for the biker bar on Varla's bike, so she went there to get it back. When the girls found Coco and Sindy in the basement, they are surprised by what they've become. Coco is now a small, slim, ugly creature, while Sindy is a giant, obese pile of flesh. Candi notices that Varla's Bike keys are tied to a belly "ring" on Sindy, so they must kill the duo before Varla can reclaim her ride. After shooting Coco into Sindy's face, Sindy falls over dead, crushing Coco underneath. Varla reluctantly rips the keys from Sindy's stomach before leaving with Candi, who ponders how the two strippers got like that.

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