Dan Taylor (ダン・テイラー) was a former AMS agent and a member of Thomas Rogan's secret division, serving as Rogan's second-in-command. Dan is also the second player-controlled character in the first level of The House of the Dead III.

After receiving word that the EFI Research Facility was the source of the worldwide zombie outbreak, Rogan assembled his team of commandos, including Yukio and Dan himself to infiltrate the facility, hoping to stop the zombie outbreak and the birth of the Wheel of Fate. Rogan and his team were completely overwhelmed by the undead horde, leaving Dan and Rogan as the only survivors. They managed to arrive at the Wheel of Fate's chamber, but were ambushed by Death. Dan was killed instantly, while Rogan was injured.


  • While sharing the surname of AMS agents James and Ryan Taylor, it has not been confirmed if Dan is related.
  • Dan is the first controllable character to be killed in the series.
  • When Lisa Rogan and Daniel Curien enter the Wheel of Fate's laboratory, Dan's body has inexplicably vanished. This is unlike Yukio, who is reanimated after being bitten by creatures and serves as a sub-boss.


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