"Increasing wars and famines, diseases of unknown origin, increasingly frequent natural disasters. Don't you find it odd? A bit coincidental? Has anyone even noticed? Must we simply sit and wait for it all to end?"
Caleb Goldman[src]

Despair is the fourth chapter of The House of the Dead 4.


After their battle with the Empress, Kate asks the survivors' whereabouts, with James hoping they all managed to evacuate and that there is no turning back. James eventually busts a steel door open, leading to the subway's exit, only to be greeted by hordes of undead throughout. They managed to reach the surface, only to be spotted by more undead as Temperance begins his attack. They manage to defeat him by dropping a clock to his body from atop the clock tower. As they continue to the roof to see the entire city, much to their shock, they find that the city is in ruins.

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