Harris is a zombie appearing in The House of the Dead. Appearing in the third and fourth stages, he is a muscular zombie who attacks by swinging a ball and chain. 

Bestiary OverviewEdit

Harris is a bearded, blank-eyed zombie. Being skinless, his muscles are exposed. He resembles another zombie, Gilmore, only with a vest, facial hair, and darker-colored pants.

Offense Edit

Harris swings his ball and chain in a circular motion, attacking players seconds later. The ball is invulnerable to gunfire. He stands in place to attack, only advancing toward players while attack at the end of the final stage. Two headshots will kill him.

Harris' right arm can be shot to remove his weapon, after which he will advance toward the player for a swipe or bite attack. The only exception to this is the beginning of stage 3, in which two Harris zombies are unable to move when disarmed; both are behind a security desk.

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