Harry Harris is an AMS agent, the partner of Amy Crystal, and a supporting character in The House of the Dead 2.

Biography Edit

On February 26, 2000, an outbreak of zombies hit Venice, Italy. Harry and Amy were sent by the AMS to neutralize the threat and evacuate citizens. The pair eventually met agents James Taylor and Gary Stewart after the latter two killed the massive Judgment. Harry noticed that the outbreak was reminiscent of the 1998 Curien Case. Both parties agreed to meet at Sunset Bridge.

After James and Gary killed the aquatic Hierophant, Harry piloted the group on a boat through the Venice canals. He revealed that Caleb Goldman, head of the DBR Corporation and Dr. Roy Curien's financier, had orchestrated the outbreak. Goldman left a message on Amy's phone, inviting the agents to meet him at the coliseum on the north side of Venice; despite fearing this to be a trap, Harry insisted that they go.

James and Gary disembarked the boat, agreeing to reach the coliseum via the sewers. Meanwhile, the chainsaw-wielding Strength ambushed Harry and Amy; Amy frantically called James and Gary -- who had just killed the Tower -- before getting cut off. The agents later found Amy and a wounded Harry inside a giant cage with Strength, who they defeat.

Harry gave James and Gary the address of Goldman's headquarters, as well as the keys to his car. The pair went on to defeat Goldman's magnum opus, the Emperor, and Goldman committed suicide.

His fate is ultimately shown in two of the game's multiple endings. In the "normal" ending, Harry is alive and is among many characters greeting James and Gary outside of Goldman's headquarters. In the "good" ending, agent Thomas Rogan confirms Harry's survival. The "bad" ending (which features an undead Goldman) leaves Harry's fate ambiguous.

Harry also appears in a flashback during The House of the Dead III's attract mode.

Appearance Edit

Harry wears dark glasses, a black jacket, and a white collar with a gray tie. Him and "G" have similar short, black hair and sideburns.


Harry explain

"Well the 1998 Curien case. Guess who was behind it. It was GOLDMAN. He's the head one of the most eminent financial group and a expert on the Genome theory. We have to stop him..."


  • The Sega Dreamcast manual for House of the Dead 2 states that Harry's nationality is unknown, and that he is secretive about his past. It also describes him as "gloomy" and expressionless.[1]

References Edit

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