Ivan is an unofficially-named zombie appearing in The House of the Dead. Weak and uncommonly fought (like Shawn and Vincent), he is often seen lumbering in the background and not posing any threat to the player.

Bestiary Overview Edit

A pale-skinned zombie, Ivan's appearance borrows elements from both Vincent and Shawn's: like the former, Ivan is shirtless and skinny, with parts of his ribcage visible; like the latter, he wears pants, though a lighter-colored pair than Shawn's.

Ivan's face is his only differentiating element. He is bald with large, feline-like eyes and unidentified black marks on either side of his mouth.

Offense Edit

Ivan dies instantly when shot anywhere on his body; as such, he is among the weakest zombies in the entire game. His attacks involve biting and swiping the player at close-range.

Hostile versions of Ivan are rare, appearing in certain parts of the Curien Mansion during the first stage. Another also appears at the start of the third chapter.

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