Hod2 enemy johnny

Johnny as seen in The House of the Dead 2.

Johnny is a recurring zombie from "The House of the Dead" series. Originally created by Caleb Goldman, Johnny is a flannel-shirted zombie with long dirty blond hair and dual axes.

The House of the Dead 3 - Jack Edit

Johnny returns in "The House of the Dead 3" in the zombie infested research facility, having been recreated in smaller numbers.

The House of the Dead 4 - Johnny II Edit

Johnny returns in "The House of the Dead 4".

Bestiary OverviewEdit

Johnny dual wield his axes to either slash or throw on it's enemy. When in close range combat, it may be difficult to shoot his head due to his use of axes as his protection. Aiming at the legs or when he is defenseless allows the attacker to kill him. When he throws his axes, it can be flung by shooting at it. On rare occasions when shooting his arms he will lose his axes and go for fast biting attacks.


  • Armed with axes, Johnny is likely a reference to slasher villain John "Jack" Torrance and his iconic "Here's Johnny!" scene from the 1980 horror movie The Shining.
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