"Let's show them they've picked the wrong brains to eat!"
Kate Green (ケイト・グリーン Keito gurīn?) is an agent of the American government organization AMS. Since her recruitment, she has worked with brothers James and Ryan Taylor to combat worldwide incidents involving biologically-engineered creatures.

She is one of the main protagonists in The House of the Dead 4, The House of the Dead 4: Special, and House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn.

Biography Edit

The House of the Dead 4 Edit

The House Of The Dead 4 Kate Green in Chapter 1

Kate Green In Chapter 1

In 2003, Kate, a newcomer AMS agent, was assigned as James Taylor's partner. While gathering intelligence at the agency's European branch office, an earthquake trapped them inside. Discovering swarms of zombies on the security cameras, Kate and James armed themselves with SMGs and escaped to the sewers.

Battling the four-armed Justice and The Lovers, a pair of mutated tarantulas, the AMS agents discovered a eminent nuclear missile launch. They took a subway train to the surface, killing The Empress, a chainsaw-wielding assassin. Both were unsure of the outbreak's source, though James suspected that events of the "2000 Goldman Case" hadn't yet ended.

After defeating the hulking Temperance on the undead-infested streets and discovering the city of Venice, Italy in ruins, deceased businessman Caleb Goldman began an hour-long countdown to the missile launch via a message on James' PDA. Racing to Goldman's headquarters, Kate and James defeated The Star, but James was wounded; Kate supported him as they reached Goldman's office, successfully stopping the missiles in time.

Claiming that he merely wanted to revert humans to their "original state" with the missile launch, Goldman unleashed The World, an insect-like humanoid meant to succeed his Emperor project and rule humanity. The creature grew larger and powerful with each defeat; James set his PDA to self-destruct, and, telling Kate not to "give up hope", sacrifices himself to destroy The World in the resulting explosion. Kate, confused of what she should do, leaves Goldman's building alone.

The House of the Dead 4: Special Edit

Kate and G 1

Kate and "G" in The House of the Dead 4: Special.

Kate, now alone and saddened by James' absence, teamed up with AMS agent "G" to fight the outbreak back to its source. After killing a revived Justice, the pair discovered a secret laboratory.

Inside, the Magician -- the final creation of Dr. Roy Curien in 1998, which Goldman resurrected two years later -- awakens. After defeating him, "G" tells Kate that the fight "is about to begin". The two leave.

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn Edit

Chapter 0

Kate and Ryan in Scarlet Dawn.

After receiving a movement from "Code R", the AMS sent a message to Kate and rookie agent Ryan Taylor to prepare for an undercover mission in Scarecrow Manor, located on the outskirts of an unidentified U.S. State. However, Thornheart unleashed his own army of undead to the guests. In the ensuing chaos, Kate and Ryan ought back against the undead. Kate plans to bring in an unmanned helicopter to get them out of the place, but the zombies hang on to the railings of the helicopter, forcing them to bail the chopper and crash it. The two agents fought all the way to outside the manor, where they witness the building falling to flames. With no backup available, Kate and Ryan decides to explore the other locations of the mansion.

After fighting through dozens of enemies, she and Ryan meet Thornheart, who reveals of his unethical project, codenamed "Noah's Ark" and its purposes. After that, Kate and Ryan battled with a released "Moon", which is eventually destroyed by a lightning strike.

Personality Edit

Despite being a new member of the AMS, Kate is portrayed as capable of handling situations people would normally be afraid of. She is not afraid to speak her mind, as she is shown usually commenting on how dangerous her situation is or how disgusting the monsters she encounters are; yet she struggles to understand the circumstances she is in and what the word "hope" really means, indicating that she still has a lot to learn as an agent. It is implied that she is interested in fashion, in particular modelling, as she sometimes behaves and poses like a model. She also shown to be quite flirtatious, as she sometimes asks if the zombies "liked her that much" when grabbed.

James' death had a strong impact on her character; she becomes more independent and serious. She is still confused about what she's gotten herself into even after everything she's been through, but nonetheless, she displays a large amount of courage and optimism as the story progresses. She also shown to be a person that can cooperate easily, as she agrees to help G "fight back to the source" without hesitation.

In Scarlet Dawn, she is shown to have taken the mindsets of more veteran agents, in particular James Taylor. She's shown to be a lot more brave, risking her life helping innocent civilians to safety even when fighting The Chariot. She also shown to have a high level of endurance, as she continues to fight The Chariot even after grabbed and choked by the latter. In addition, due to her being an AMS elite, she is shown to have a decent amount of knowledge of the history of DBR Corporation. She's still not afraid to speak her mind, although not as often as before, going so far as to call Ryan "crazy" for crashing the motorbike they're on and jumped off from it.

However, despite her experience, she has developed some sort of PTSD, which she is shown to have panicked and seemingly losing hope when fighting The Moon, mainly due to Moon having the same metamorphosis ability as The World, the latter which kills her partner James. She is also seen panicked when Ryan recklessly attempts to do a desperate last-ditch attempt at killing Moon, as she quickly came to Ryan's aid as soon as he fell.

Nevertheless, she has shown immense amount of bravery and courage throughout the incident, allowing her to help Ryan surviving the ordeal, despite the latter's fear that he would die like his brother.


In The House of the Dead 4 and Special, Kate has long blonde hair with a shade of light brown color. She wears a red blazer, a black long sleeve sweater, a white-gold scarf, a black skirt, black long stockings, and black boots. In "The House of the Dead EX", she wears the same outfit from 4, but now has a darker colored scarf, and her lower part of the blazer, all the way to her boots has pitch black colour (It is unknown why her lower part has fully black colour instead of black colour with noticable details, such as shoes, skirt, etc.)

In House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn, Kate has her long blonde hair in a bun hairstyle with bangs. She wears a red long sleeve dress with see-through floral pattern on her back, a butterfly shaped pendant, and black high heels. She also wears a plain white long sleeve dress in a cutscene.


  • In both The House of the Dead 4 and Special, Kate always gets the position of 2P. This tradition is eventually repeated in Scarlet Dawn.
    • Though in Special, Kate is briefly playable in 1P position (both 1P and 2P during multi-play) during the beginning of Chapter 1, before the player is introduced to G.
  • Coincidentally, Kate shares the same name with Katey Greene, a character from Capcom's Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3. Both of them were protagonists from their respective franchises and both had blonde hair.
  • Kate appears in Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX as a cameo in Chapter 3's "Detective Zobiko", alongside James Taylor and Gary Stewart, both in their The House of the Dead 2 outfits. In this game, she holds signs in a manner similar to a boxing-ring "Round Girl".
  • It can be implied that she's not a good driver; in Special, she spins out while driving, and later, she blasts out the car headlights.
  • A character named Chris Wild in Taito's 2009 rail shooter called Panic Museum (called Haunted Museum in other countries) resembles in a way that both had blonde hair, wears a red jacket and a black skirt. The only other difference is that Chris had short hair, wears glasses, and the 1P for that game while Kate had long hair and the 2P in The House of the Dead 4.
  • Kate is an acrophobic, as stated in the path selection screen during the second chapter in The House of the Dead 4.
  • Kate's appearance in Scarlet Dawn resembles actress Keira Knightley.
  • Excluding The House of the Dead 4: Special and the spin-off The House of the Dead EX, Kate Green is the first female protagonist to appear in more than one installment (she was introduced in The House of the Dead 4, and returned as one of the main protagonists in House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn).

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