Linda Rotta is an AMS agent, and one of the three playable characters in Zombie Revenge. At age 22, she is the youngest female agent of the American agency AMS. Along with fellow agents Stick Breitling and Rikiya Busujima, she is tasked with tracking down ZED and neutralizing the threat of the zombie outbreak. Like Stick, Linda also possesses an understanding of the Japanese language, which allows her to communicate with Busujima, who speaks Japanese but also understands English.

While her lack of physical strength is made up with her speed and prowess with a gun, she did not possess enough experience to be fully prepared for the horror that awaited her, dropping to her knees at the sight of UDS-06B and breaking down when ZED revealed his ultimate goal of killing all humans. Nonetheless, she persevered and helped the others in stopping ZED's plan from coming into fruition. She is however stronger than any average women being exceptionally well in hand to hand combat and grapples.


  • Linda is the first playable female character in a House of the Dead related game, predating House of the Dead III's Lisa Rogan, and House of the Dead 4's Kate Green.
  • Linda's third outfit, exclusive to the home version's Original mode, has her wearing a black leather jumpsuit with the word "DIVA" written on the back.
  • Throughout the game, Stick is usually seen ensuring Linda's safety, leading players to question if there are any romantic connections between the two.
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