The following is a comprehensive list of all creatures in The House of the Dead III. Serving as the main enemies, these creatures were the result of human genome experiments within the EFI Research Facility. After the collapse of civilization in 2019, AMS agents investigated the facility and battled the creatures within.

Creature List Edit

Humanoid Edit

LoneMarkIHOTD3 Mark I A shirtless bald creature with glowing red eyes and blue pants.
LoneMarkIIHOTD3 Mark II A creature in brown ragged pants with an exposed part of his chest.
LoneMarkIIIHOTD3 Mark III A creature with dark circles around his eyes and dark speckles on his body.
LoneMarkIVHOTD3 Mark IV A creature in a blue plaid shirt with pockets and blue cargo pants.
LoneKageoHOTD3 Kageo A skeletal creature. Kageo is weak and slow, but in groups he is dangerous.
LoneTorsoKageoHOTD3 Torso Kageo A variant of Kageo with only his torso remaining. He slowly crawls toward players before performing a leaping scratch attack.
LoneEbitanHOTD3 Ebitan A rotting creature covered in green sludge as a result of being submerged in water for a lengthy period of time.
LoneKoebitanHOTD3 Koebitan A slightly smaller version of Ebitan which attacks in groups of 3.
LonePeekoHOTD3 Peeko Somewhat reminiscent to Mickey from the second game, this small creature attacks player(s) with two knives.
LoneJulieHOTD3 Julie The remains of a former building employee. She is a slow-moving enemy.
LoneMauriceHOTD3 Maurice Maurice: A creature in blue clothing with a skinless mouth. He wields a massive, heavy axe.
LoneCharlesHOTD3 Charles A large shirtless creature whose fat belly can withstand multiple bullets. Another variant exists with deep gray mottled skin, a different face, and higher endurance.
LoneAztecaHOTD3 Azteca I A shirtless muscular creature; attacks by swinging a steel frame or punching.
LoneAztecaIIHOTD3 Azteca II A muscular creature in a military uniform whose behavior is identical to Azteca I.
FrederickVariants Frederick A creature that wields four scalpels in each hand, which he can either throw or slash with at close range. He either appears dressed as a surgeon (left), or in an orange uniform with goggles (right). The orange variant lacks vocals when damaged or killed.
LoneAcidHOTD3 Acid A red dripping creature that crawls on walls and ceilings.
LoneHughHOTD3 Hugh A bandaged small creature with an impressive jumping ability who uses a fluorescent lamp or umbrella as a weapon.
LoneJackHOTD3 Jack A creature who dual-wields axes, blocking gunfire. He behaves similarly to Johnny zombies from The House of the Dead 2.
LoneBarryHOTD3 Barry A small agile creature with a maniacal hyena laugh, who wields electrical cords connected to the small power box hanging from his neck
MeatManHOTD3 Meat Man A rare creature who only appears once in one of the EFI Genome Ward versions. He behaves identical to the "Mark" series of creatures. According to the Japanese official guide, this creature is actually a gag character of sorts, while his look is directly based on an Sega of America employee's party costume and makeup.
LoneCommandoHOTD3 Rogan Commando Thomas Rogan's reanimated soldiers who were killed by creature during their raid of the EFI Research Facility. They are extremely fast enemies, utilizing knives and kicks to attack.
YukioStance Yukio An elite Rogan Commando who was killed during "Chapter 0". He serves as a miniboss much later in the final chapter and can take far more damage. Interestingly enough, unlike the other creatures in the game he can talk, though it appears that he just says random phrases he once said when he was alive like "We are humanity's last hope!" and "That's for my buddies!"
LoneRaymondHOTD3 Raymond A muscular creature wielding a buzzsaw that deflects bullets.
LoneCainHOTD3 Cain A creature-plant hybrid; attacks by swinging his vine-like arms.

Non-Humanoid Edit

LoneMorkinHOTD3 Morkin Vultures often seen around corpses.
LoneDevilonHOTD3 Devilon A bat-like creature that appears in small groups, attacking by flying directly at the player.
LoneMurrerHOTD3 Murrer Leech-like creatures.
LonePuttiHOTD3 Putti Groups of small beetles residing within the Bio Lab. They attack in swarms, latching onto the screen for a few seconds before biting.
LoneSunsunHOTD3 Sunsun Vine-like tendrils from the Sun. They appear in the Bio Lab.

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