"At some point in time, humans broke the natural harmony of the world. They came to know greed like no other species. They gave no thought to what their rampant breeding would do to the world."
Caleb Goldman[src]
Reunion is the fifth chapter of The House of the Dead 4.


After their battle with Temperance, Kate is left in tears as James cheers her up. Meanwhile, James' PDA goes off and an e-mail is shown to come from an unknown sender as the nuclear missiles are set to launch in an hour. James easily recognizes the sender as Goldman as he has an idea on where to start, as they go down the ruined streets of Venice.

Their destination: Point A0063. After encountering numerous undead on the streets, they drive along the bridge leading to Goldman Building, where the incident from three years ago started.

They reached the entrance of the building, but are greeted by stealth cyborgs before making it to the lobby to fight the Star. The Star wants to test the agents' strength as part of Goldman's parting wish, much to their annoyance. They manage to defeat the Star while Kate jokingly remarks that the Star has "failed the test", as the undead explodes near James, wounding him in the process. James dismisses this wound as an old wound as he struggles to get up.


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