The Rogan Commandos

The Rogan Commandos were the followers of Thomas Rogan when he was on a mission to stop the Wheel of Fate. In their attempts to seize control of the building, they were overrun by the experiments who had taken up residence there. Now they are trapped in a state between life and death, but they still retain their superior fighting abilities they honed through strict training. 

Bestiary OverviewEdit

They wear the same outfit they wore after they were consumed by the undead but their lower left pants have been torn off along with the respective knee pads and boots. The lower part of their shirt sleeves have been torn off as well. There are scars on their uniforms and caps which seem to correspond to slashes done by knives. Though they have long used up all the ammunition from the shotguns they held when storming the building, they are still lethal with quick side-by-side movements, dual combat knives and left leg kicks.