"Come... You must prove yourself in a test of strength... This was Goldman's parting wish."
―The Star to James Taylor and Kate Green.[src]

Type-0001, codenamed "The Star," (スター) is a competitive, sword-wielding, boss and also the fifth boss character fought in The House of the Dead 4. He appears at the end of the fifth level, just after the AMS agents James Taylor and Kate Green enter the Goldman building, confronting them in the main foyer. He tells them that they must prove themselves in a "test of strength", claiming that this was Goldman's parting wish.

He is a humanoid monster wearing a red trench coat with a large scar on his chest and wields a pair of twin butterfly swords. He also possesses levitation and the ability to generate purple energy beams from his swords. He has a purple aura. His weakpoint is stated to be the scar on his chest (with his head marked as No Damage (?)); however, later in the battle, together with his coat getting very well destroyed by all the bullets fired at him, his hood falls down, allowing his head to be used as a secondary weakpoint to cancel his spinning tornado attacks. After his defeat, he destroys himself by blowing up near James and Kate, severely injuring James in the process. It is unknown whether this was intentional on his part or whether it was just a coincidence.

His type number is 0001, making him very similar to Magician and Wheel of Fate (who are Type-0 and Type-0000, respectively), in that they're all humanoid creatures with unique powers. However, Type-0001 possesses neither the lightning speed of the Magician nor the immense power of the Wheel of Fate. He is also the only one out of the three that can successfully be scanned for weakpoints, which could perhaps signify his less powerful abilities. The Magician can't be scanned by G's PDA in The House of The Dead 4 Special, but he does have a file displaying his weakpoints in The House of The Dead 2.

He also makes an appearance in The House of the Dead EX where he develops a crush for the second main character, Zobiko, even willing to go as far as giving her an offering of flowers, but as a result, Zobiko doesn't notice him, being turned down. In the final stage, he tries to kidnap Zobiko, but he fails.

In the ending, the Star tells the scientist that he has failed, when after, the scientist pulls out a photo of him and his girlfriend, his girlfriend is actually Zobiko.

Bestiary OverviewEdit

The figure like any other second to the last boss in almost all HOTD games is a being where his capabilities are beyond human physicality. Clad in a hooded red trench coat, he may have been some human test subject who had been fused with the formula, resulting in levitation and elemental offensive powers. That being said, that could be the reason why the scar engraved on his chest is his weakness and to why he is Type 0001. His choice of weaponry, as stated above, are two butterfly swords.

Loving DeadsEdit

The Star also appears in Loving Deads: The House of the Dead EX, where he is depicted as a theater actor and speaks in french. He was sent by his master, Dr. Curien, to capture Zobio and Zobiko, with whom he was romantically attracted to. After he was defeated, he apologized to Zobiko, only to be met with a slap in the face. The Star continued to follow the two, until they are cornered in the trainyard by Dr. Curien's final creation, the World.

During their battle, the Star tried to steal Zobiko away, but was foiled by Zobio. As the train cart carrying Zobio and Zobiko falls from the sky having been carried off by the newly transformed World, the Star rushes to save them both by holding onto the train while they battle their adversary. After the World was defeated, it sets itself to self-destruct, destroying everything nearby. The Star once again saves both Zobio and Zobiko from the explosion, only reporting to Dr. Curien about their apparent demise, leaving the two with their newfound freedom.

Trivia Edit

  • Coincidentally, the Star's appearance resembles that of Dante, the main protagonist of Devil May Cry, as both wear red long coats and wield large swords. The Star's glow also resembles the demonic glow Dante possesses when he transforms into his demon form (known as Devil Trigger in Devil May Cry).
  • The Star's pale appearance and his hooded red trench coat are also evocative of Edgar Allen Poe's Masque of the Red Death.
  • The Star's mask and his portrayal as a theater actor in The House of the Dead EX may be a reference to Erik, the titular phantom from The Phantom of the Opera.
  • The Star's appearance, location, type number, and attacks indicate that he is designed as a successor to the Magician.


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