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Type-8830, codenamed "Sun," (サン) is a tree-like mutation. Depending on the routes taken by the player, it is the boss of either the second, third, or fourth chapter in The House of the Dead III.

Inhabiting the Bio Lab, the Sun attacks with vine-like tendrils (named Sunsun) and serpentine creatures within giant petals. Its weak points are the aforementioned parts of its body, as well as the ring of human faces around its trunk.

Bestiary Overview Edit

The Sun is a macabre combination of human, animal, and plant-like elements: its trunk is studded with human faces that vomit blood when shot; its vine-like tendrils attack either directly or from underground; snake-like protrusions reside in the petals, spitting sharp projectiles either in the air or in its prey's face.

History Edit

The Sun was created in the EFI Research Facility's Bio Lab, as part of experiments to combine human DNA and plant life.[1] In 2019, former AMS agents Thomas Rogan and Dan Taylor investigated the facility's ties to the apocalypse caused by outbreaks of biologically-engineered creatures. After Rogan disappeared, his partner "G" and daughter Lisa raided the facility to search for him, defeating the Sun and other creatures in the process.[2]


ROUND 1: Shoot the faces to inflict 1 bit of damage. Then it will try to attack with its vines. It may come in a chasing formation, leading you to retreat while attacking or move in a confusing motion while you remain still. Shoot the flowers to halt the offense.

ROUND 2: The attack not used in the first will be done. Again, shoot the flower ends to stop the attack.

ROUND 3: He will use his whips and go underground, shoot the glowing marks to get rid of damage. If not, they will shoot up and lash out at you. It may go in a snaking formation, or swirling before attacking. You will have to deal with both vines one by one before it stops.

ROUND 4: Same as before, except they will come both at the same time, making it more challenging.

ROUND 5: Petals open, the creature will either come out and spit out spiked seeds in front of you or away from you. More health is lost when it spits seeds but it is very hard to prevent it from spitting by killing it. When it comes out for a spit, it will take a full 2 magazine rounds to stop it.

When it has been defeated, Sun will collapse into a heap of plant growth.


  • Sun is very similar to Resident Evil's Plant 42.
  • The Sun is so far the only boss in the series that is stationary.
  • It's likely that Sun is named so because not only does it give life and energy to the inhabitants of the Bio Plant, but G and Lisa move around the monster in a circular path, as a planet would orbit its sun.
  • The Sun is the only level-specific boss in the series to be fought midway through the level, as opposed to at the end.
  • The Sun might be related to Goldman's plan to protect nature and Dr. Roy Curien may have created this plant to be the cause for humans and plants to sustain.
  • The Sun may be the only boss who attacks players throughout the whole stage, as the offensive tentacle vines may have been its own given the massive growth of the plant which could have taken over the whole sector.
  • The Sun is possibly inspired by a Japanese yokai called "kodama", a yokai or spirit that inhibits trees at the mountains of Japan. People said that the kodama's face is white, just like the faces that surround the upper part of Sun, that it bleeds when cut down at old age, Sun similarly doing so when shot, and Takashi Oda is also Japanese and possibly suggested it himself.

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