The Curien Mansion as seen in "The House of the Dead 2" introductory movie.

The Curien Mansion is the location where the events of the first House of the Dead game took place, also serving as the namesake of the game and the franchise. As the name indicates, the mansion was the home of Dr. Roy Curien and his son, Daniel.

As Curien was born of a noble family, the mansion he lived in was originally built in medieval times. While it appeared that the mansion was showing its age as it was starting to fall apart, the house had been upgraded with modern technology as it housed a DBR Research Facility within its walls, where Curien served as its research director.

The mansion would be long remembered as the location of the "Curien Mansion incident" or "1998 Curien Case", when Curien unleashed his experiments upon his staff in an attempt to destroy mankind. His ambitions were put to an end by AMS agents Thomas Rogan and G. During the ordeal, Curien met his demise at the hands of his ultimate creation, The Magician, who in turn was destroyed by the agents.

House of the dead

"Map" of the Curien Mansion.

Outside appearancesEdit

  • In the home versions of The House of the Dead 2, an extended opening sequence shows the mansion as part of a flashback of the previous game.
  • In the spin-off game Zombie Revenge, the mansion appears as its own stage, called "The House of the Dead" with a new arrangement of the first stage music. While its outside appearance is a faithful representation, the interior sections are different. No mention of Curien is made, and the mansion serves as ZED's base of operations.
  • The Curien Mansion is featured in several games in the Sega Superstars series developed by Sumo Digital. The House of the Dead name is not used, with the series instead referred to as "Curien Mansion" or abbreviated as "HOTD", as the series is banned in Germany.
    • The front yard of the mansion was featured as a court in Sega Superstars Tennis. A mini-game also challenged players with hitting zombies with tennis balls and surviving waves without being hit.
    • It was featured again in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing as the setting for three race tracks that take place throughout the mansion: Outer Forest, Sewer Scrapes and Deadly Route. Zobio & Zobiko from "HOTD:EX" are introduced as the series representatives in their first overseas appearance.
    • The mansion returns as a single track in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Graveyard Gig, but with no racers to represent the series, although Zobio & Zobiko can be seen getting married in later laps. As Transformed is the only game in the Superstars series to see a Japanese release, the Japanese version brings back the House of the Dead name.
  • Curien Mansion appears in Project X Zone as a battlefield where Busujima and BSAA members, Chris & Jill, have to defeat Nemesis and L.Raptor.

Trivia Edit

  • The Curien Mansion serves a similar function with the Spencer Mansion in the Resident Evil franchise in many ways, such as zombies and creatures roaming around the mansion, both had a secret laboratory underneath the mansion, and both housed creatures created by the antagonists which eventually turned on their masters.
  • It is not specified what country is the Curien Mansion located in, though fans assume it is located in Europe, as the driver seat in Thomas Rogan's car is on the right-hand side, a characteristic of British cars.