The House of the Dead: Fighting Edition is a now-defunct flash game that was being created by The Devil - Type Unknown of the also now-defunct Website of the Dead forum. This game was to be fanmade and non-canon.

This game was to be based off another flash game called PPGD: Battle in Megaville.


This game was going to have 8 playable characters (2 unlockables) and were all going to be House of the Dead bosses. All of the bosses planned were to be humanoids (2 legs 2 arms like a human) so as to keep the characters similar.

1. Magician Type 0

2. Magician Form 2*

3. The Emperor

4. The Wheel of Fate

5. The Empress

6. The Star

7. The World - Form 1

8. The World - Form 2*

* = Secret Character

Game StagesEdit

There were going to be 7 stages, 6 of which are from the House of the Dead games. The last one is in the Abandoned Subway from PPGD: Battle in Megaville (link above) but The Devil - Type Unknown got permission to use it.

1.Magician Type 0's Balcony from HOTD1

2. The roof of the Goldman Building

3. Virtual Dimension

4. Abandoned Subway

5. Main Foyer of the Goldman Building

6. Goldman Building Courtyard

7. Pandora's Box


This game is no longer being made, for a number of reasons, such as:

1. The Devil - Type Unknown was receiving almost no help in making the game.

2. In May 2010, The Website of the Dead forums were suddenly shut down because of an endless spam attack that started a few months prior.