Vincent is an unofficially-named zombie appearing in The House of the Dead. Weak and uncommonly fought (like Shawn and Ivan), he is often seen lumbering in the background and not posing any threat to the player.

Bestiary Overview Edit

Vincent is a pale-skinned, shoeless and shirtless zombie. He has a black beard, eyebrows, and hair. There are dark bags under his eyes, which (unlike other zombies) aren't blank white and have actual pupils.

While showing little to no signs of damage or decay, his body is skinny; part of Vincent's ribcage is visible through his chest.

Offense Edit

Hostile versions of Vincent are extremely rare; they only appear in certain areas of the Curien Mansion during the first chapter, as well as the beginning of the third chapter.

Vincent attacks by swiping or biting the player. Dying in only one shot anywhere on his body, he is among the weakest zombies in the entire game (even Sam has higher health).

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