A weak point diagram all regular humanoid creatures. This image was used in arcade cabinet artwork and manuals for the first two House of the Dead games.

A weak point is an area of an enemy or boss's body that is vulnerable to damage. The term has been used in both the main House of the Dead series and the spin-off The House of the Dead: Overkill.

Identification Edit

Each game in the series identifies boss weak points differently, either by blueprints on a field journal or a PDA.

The first two games featured a field journal containing blueprints given by a wounded character (a wounded scientist in the first game, and AMS agent "G" in the second). While the first game showed only the blueprint, the sequel showed the journal flipping pages to the blueprints of the boss encountered.

The field journal does not return in the next three games, III, 4 (along with its Special) expansion), and Scarlet Dawn. Due to evolving technological advancement, it was replaced by a PDA developed by the AMS, which contains a camera/scanner that photographs/scans a boss and digitally analyzes and identifies its weak point by beeps.

In the series' prequel, Overkill, blueprints for the bosses' weakpoints are shown in the loading screens before the boss fight.

Boss weak points (By Game) Edit

The House of the Dead Edit

Boss Weak point Diagram
Chariot (Type 27) Exposed glowing-red part of right breastplate (with armor); whole body (without armor)
The Hangedman (Type 041) Whole body
Hermit (Type 6803) Head
Magician (Type 0) Exposed arm and leg muscles.

The House of the Dead 2 Edit

Boss Weak point G's File Entry
Judgment (Type 28) Zeal (small flying creature); Kuarl (armored behemoth) for chip damage
Hierophant (Type B 05) Heart
Tower (Type 8000) Open mouths
Strength (Type 205) Head
Magician (Type 0) Exposed arm and leg muscles
Emperor (Type α) Chest organ. Also transforms into Zeal from Judgment, the Heirophant, a Tower serpent, and Strength; each have same weak points as before

The House of the Dead III Edit

Death: Head

Fool: Clawed feet.

Sun: Tentacles, head-studded trunk, and serpent heads emerging from petals.

Wheel of Fate: Glowing sun-like emblem on chest (listed as "Analysis is Impossible").

The House of the Dead 4/Special Edit

Justice (both games): Tongue.

Lovers: Male spider atop the much larger female.

Empress: Head.

Temperance: Head.

Star: Scarred chest and head (listed as "No Damage ?").

The World (both forms): Red heart in the slit on his chest.

Magician (Special only): Exposed arm and leg muscles.

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn Edit

Chariot: Left shoulder (first part of fight); exposed portion of armor (second part of fight; whenever the player's RPG rocket hits).

Priestess: Eyes.

Hangedman: Whole body.

Moon: Third eye.

The House of the Dead: Overkill/Extended Cut Edit

Jasper Guns: Head. 

Coco and Sindy (Extended Cut only): Coco.

Screamer: Head and chest.

Nigel and Sebastian: Sebastian.

Meat Katie (Extended Cut only): Cow-like udder.

Crawler: Insectoid arms and head.

Lobber: Arms and head.

Brutus the Ruthless: Weaponized right arm.

Mother: Head.

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